Ashley Judd making calls to raise money for her ‘friend’ Elizabeth Warren went viral on Wednesday but not for the reasons Liz probably wanted. Most people noticed Judd’s face looking a bit swollen and that is what took off, which totally left Warren’s campaign in the dust.

Not to mention how silly it was to pretend Judd begging for money for Liz was somehow grassroots.

Brit Hume tweeted …

Brit sure has Liz’s number.

And he’s right. When we think of grassroots we think of everyday people on the phones, hoofing it, talking to their neighbors about why they should support a certain candidate. A famous actress sitting at home in her gated community is pretty damn elitist, and Liz pretending this is somehow grassroots is just embarrassing.

That one movie.

You ‘member.

Not so much, anymore.

And considering Liz’s performance in New Hampshire desperate is definitely a ‘scent’ her campaign is putting off.



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