The New Yorker took it upon themselves to write quite the hit-piece on AG William Barr. Considering the threat this man poses to the Democratic establishment, we’re not in the least bit surprised to see the article but HOOboy, it is garbage.

No, that’s not quite right.

It’s the garbage that garbage throws out.

There ya’ go.

From The New Yorker:

Ayer fears that Barr has combined a Reagan-era drive to dismantle government with a Trump-era drive to politicize it. As the White House succeeds in holding off congressional attempts at removing Trump from office, Barr is winning his long war on the power of the legislative branch. In the 2020 campaign, Trump will argue that he alone can protect the country from the dangers posed by the left, immigrants, and other enemies. And Barr’s vision of Presidential power will be the Party’s mainstream position. “Barr sought out the opportunity to be Donald Trump’s Attorney General,” Ayer said. “This, I believe, was his opportunity—the opportunity of a lifetime—to make major progress on advancing his vision of an all-powerful Chief Executive.”

All sorts of eye-rolls.

Mollie Hemingway was quick to call them out:

So poorly done that it made her laugh.

And no kidding, how can someone not know what John Adams believed? Hello?

As long as they get their fill of ‘orange man bad,’ they’re quite content.

Usually, they just want to sit around and complain about the evil Founding Fathers.

As long as they’re MORALLY correct it’s AOK.

Or something.



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