It’s hard to really get an idea of what Trump has accomplished during his time as president when the media is nothing more than a constant noise factory trying to paint the man in the worst light possible. Luckily, Jason Beale was good enough to put together a thread about how his presidency would be written in history books 20 years from now … if it was an objective reflection of history.

And we all know how unlikely that is with the sad state of public education these days.

Yeah, this editor sounds like an old woman sitting on her porch shaking her fist at public education and hippies but it’s the sad reality of what is happening to far too many learning institutions in this country.

Anywho, Beale’s thread is kick-a*s, enjoy:

They do indeed spend a lot of time talking about things that cannot be done … that Trump somehow manages to do.

The ruling class hates Trump.

Nailed it.

Opportunistic, group-thinking resistance forces … this is so well done.


He is their biggest nightmare because he represents what they hate most – normal people.

They’re shooting themselves in the foot, over and over and over and over again.

And fin.



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