The media has certainly been doing their part in framing Soleimani as some sort of war hero, revered by his people – the New York Times even featured an interview claiming he made Iranians feel more secure. It’s been …. well, it’s been really gross watching American media ignore how absolutely horrific Soleimani really was and just because it was Trump’s administration who took him out.

You’d think in their coverage they would at least spend some time talking to these folks, right?

Because … wait for it … keep waiting … you know it’s coming … orange man bad.

Ding ding ding.

They’re too busy claiming we assassinated the guy.

Did we mention this has really been awful because it has been.

We thought they were hurting themselves before with their general anti-Trump coverage but painting a terrorist as the victim to portray Trump as the villain could be that bridge too far. Then again, there are plenty of horrible people cheering this horrible coverage on so what do we know?


This guy right here, they should talk to this guy.

Logic? Media. That’s like government intelligence … it doesn’t really exist.



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