So many so-called experts have been front and center in social media displaying their knowledge about the Middle East, Soleimani, and Trump’s actions … and so many of them have ended up looking like fools when proven wrong by people who actually know what the Hell is going on.

Like this thread from Maajid Nawaz, where he takes those experts apart and BOY-howdy, he does not hold back:

We’re thinking a lot of people pretending Soleimani was a good guy were clueless about him until a few days ago.

Love this.

It doesn’t.

So stop pandering.


He must be talking about the garbage coming from the New York Times.

Narcissistic obsession with hating Trump … sums them all up perfectly.


True story.

That. ^

Somehow those rejoicing are being ignored by the media.

Wonder why?

Nailed it.

And then he shared tweets from ACTUAL experts:

As opposed to these other experts:

Just when we thought those ‘experts’ couldn’t look any worse.



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