The Washington Post is gonna Washington Post but OMG, really with this?

Like Matt Walking, this editor laughed out loud as well.

Take a look:

Wait, you mean Christians didn’t give up on Christ after a magazine trashed the president? Get outta here. Because you know, so often people just buy into whatever ‘influential magazines’ tell them to believe and or think, especially when it comes to their faith.

If this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she’d be able to see Hawaii from her house.

Seriously with this crap?

We feel super influenced. Totally.

Oh, wait.

And if they’d written a piece supporting Trump they’d be calling them a cult and/or comparing them to Westboro Baptist crazies.

It’s all about whatever supports their agenda and narrative, so when Christianity Today said, ‘TRUMP BAD,’ these other rags immediately deemed them ‘influential.’


Have we mentioned recently how stupid everything is because yeah, it’s really stupid?

Like, life-size and stuff.

Look, man, we were told there would be no math.

It’s supposed to be a bunch of virtue-signaling tripe.

That’s it.


For shame.

They can hope.

It’s all they have left at this point.




And BOOM: Brit Hume uses John Harwood’s tweet trashing Repub Party to show ‘precisely what reporters should NOT be doing’

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