Most of what we do here at Twitchy relies very heavily on the participation and inclusion of our readers.

Readers like you.

Ok, not that guy over there, but the rest of you.

Honestly there wouldn’t be much of a Twitchy site at all if we didn’t have a whole lot of funny, snarky, brutally honest readers who like to point and laugh at the Left as much as we do. That’s why we’ve decided to ask you, dear reader, to help us put together a weekly list of people who have been exceptionally awful. And considering how bat-guano crazy the Left has gotten since Trump won in 2016, we realize it’s going to be a tough “competition,” but we believe in you.

Let’s get started with our very first list EVER! Enjoy.

10. Palmer Report

Palmer Report went on a YUGE rant about Kurt Suzuki after he DARED to wear a MAGA hat, calling for the MLB to fire him and babbling endlessly about racism this and bigotry that. He did go on to delete his thread because at the end of the day he’s really just a blue-checked troll but this was enough to land him at number 10 on our list. Congrats our dude!

9. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney. How the mighty have fallen. Remember when we all thought he might be able to beat Obama? Good times. Since we found out about his secret Twitter account (Pierre Delecto) it’s just become more apparent that he’s got lots of knives to stick in lots of backs. And yikes, just 18 percent of Americans don’t think he’s a douchebag.

8. Rep. Eric Swalwell

Do we really need to explain why Eric made this week’s list? Fine, if you need a reason, look no further than his list of laws House Democrats have passed … it’s a dumpster fire of embarrassing and definitely douche-bag worthy. Just like Eric himself.

7. Evan McMullin

Wasn’t this guy supposed to be a Republican? You know what, never mind.

6. Max Boot

Poor Max Boot. He ditched the Right to pander to the Left and even the Left doesn’t really seem to accept or want him. We’d feel sorry for him if the constant whining and complaining about ‘orange man bad’ wasn’t so freaking annoying.

5. Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols spent a good amount of time earlier this week writing about how it’s not a good thing for the little people to be involved in politics, and as usual, focused on how stupid he thinks Trump supporters are. Many of us wrote about him and his obnoxious thread, but the piece on RedState really seemed to bug him. If someone has to tell you they’re not melting down, they’re melting down.

4. Rep. Wendy Ullman

Democratic Rep. Wendy Ullman claimed a miscarriage was just some mess on a napkin.

Yeah, we made that same face.

And after she got called out EVERYWHERE, she came on Twitter and tried to walk back her comments and apologize which didn’t go over very well. She’d have been better off accepting she’s just a douchebag.

3. Tony Posnanski

Tony Posnanski’s entire brand is built on hating Trump and his supporters. That’s it. There is no real substance there other than hatred for people who think differently from him, which in some circles would make him a bigot BUT since we’re keeping it light we’ll just call him a douchebag.

2. Brian Stelter

Tater is gonna Tater. ‘Nuff said.

And at number one …

1. Adam Schiff (duh)

What can we say about Adam Schiff that hasn’t already been said? We imagine he’ll be numero uno on this list for a least a few weeks and then will reserve a spot further down as time goes on. Anyone who would so blatantly and brazenly try and remove a sitting president for nothing more than political reasons (while looking like a deranged Barney Fife) most definitely deserves the honor of being our number one douchebag of the week. CONGRATS ADAM!

So many douchebags, so little time.

Want to nominate a douchebag? Send your nominations to [email protected] and check back here every Friday to see who made the list!