When this editor first started writing this piece on Tom Arnold, his vile tweet was still up. A tweet where he all but wished death on the President of the United States.

Considering Trump was in Dallas …

Now deleted.

There’s the tweet.

Wow, right?

And considering Twitter usually ignores Lefty blue checks saying horrible things, the fact they deleted his tweet tells you how gross it really was.

You have to ask yourself what the Hell is wrong with this guy, seriously.

Has he always been this ridiculous or did Trump really and truly break him?

Someone should tell Tom it’s REALLY really bad if Twitter flags/deletes  a crazy blue-check’s tweet.

Good point.

Although we’re seeing some folks claiming they can still see the tweet, they just can’t respond to or retweet it.

Tom babbled on …

They’ve been saying Trump will resign or be done for years.

You’d think by now they’d have figured out they were wrong and they’re still WRONG.


He still doesn’t sound smart.


And apparently not.

His whole timeline is a dumpster fire of derp.

The guy just made a veiled threat about Trump being assassinated.

He was clearly on a roll and not a good one.


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