We have no idea why Ric Sanchez sees racism in this tweet from Jerry Dunleavy about the Nationals but eh, he works for the Washington Post so we’re not entirely surprised he’s seeing things.

What’s even worse about his tweet is that he didn’t bother to tag Jerry, which is what we call in the Twitter world being ‘subtweeted’. It’s an incredibly cowardly way to debate someone … or just insult them hoping they never see it.

lol … shoutout to the coward.

And ummm, what?

No clue.

Did he though?


Jerry responded as only he could:

We admire that Jerry called Ric Sanchez out but we hate that he defiled Pickle Rick.

Yeah yeah, it’s not Pickle Rick but still.

And bonus points for not allowing an outlet to bully him into silence.

Ric did double down by the way:

Who also do not look like him.

Alrighty then.

Isn’t that sorta racist?


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