It’s not every day you come across a tweet that includes an exchange between BuzzFeed’s Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith, and an aide to a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. Add to it the content in the DM (text) reads like it may have been written by a high-schooler rather than an actual campaign aide because they’re tattling on a reporter.

From BuzzFeed:

Here’s a little glimpse at some of the nonsense that shoots back and forth between campaigns and reporters — and perhaps a bit of the stress of Kamala Harris’s campaign trying to break through with a Twitter stunt — in a text from a Harris aide to me complaining about a BuzzFeed staffer’s tweet:

It’s no wonder Kamala’s campaign isn’t doing better.


And what the Hell is ‘whiteness manifest’?

Kids these days.


But fair point.

Kamala did indeed bring on people from Hillary’s failed campaign.

That’s true.

Fair enough.

Especially after what we all witnessed in the Oval Office yesterday.


It says a lot and ain’t none of it good.

The reporter in question tweeted about the newsletter.

And she added in a little mockery of Kamala as well.

We don’t disagree, we always laugh at both Warren and Harris.

But probably for different reasons.


This is getting so GOOD.


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