Another day, another kick-a*s thread (unless you’re Adam Schiff or this mystery Democrat whistleblower) from Undercover Huber. This time he goes into detail about how badly Volker’s testimony hurt the whistleblower’s credibility which you know hurts Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

Ain’t this fun?

Take a gander.

Welp, can everyone go home now? If the key charge was that Volker helped helping Zelensky navigate Trump’s demands about Biden but Volker didn’t even know Biden had been mentioned doesn’t that make this whole mess null and void?

Asking for a friend.

Buuuuut …

Anyone else thinking this just stinks of a political set-up?

So it wasn’t about Trump basically threatening Zelensky if he didn’t help dig up dirt on Biden? Gosh, we’re shocked.

Something stinks here folks, but you knew that already.

This has gone past embarrassing into humiliating territory here, folks.


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