Good to see Sam Stein doing his part to make sure the wagons are adequately circled around Adam Schiff. We sort of expected this to happen (especially after the reaction we witnessed after the NYT’s story yesterday) so we’re not in the least surprised to see the spinning and water-carrying going on …

OH, that’s right … he just wasn’t clear.

Okie dokie.


Horrendously bad spin and BS.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


We’ve been annoyed with Schiff for a looooong time. Welcome to the club.

Compliant media hooker.

Sounds like an 80s ska band.




OOF: Even George Stephanopoulos isn’t buying what Nancy Pelosi is trying to sell defending Adam Schiff (watch)

AND we’re officially dead: Famed feminist Naomi Wolf agrees with parody Titania McGrath on the anti-trans movement

HUME-ILIATED: Brit Hume just totally ‘ma’am’d’ a snarky, smug blue-check who tried dunking on him over Schiff and LOL

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