James Gagliano is a law enforcement analyst for CNN so it makes sense that he would do his part in trying to educate people who keep insisting the ‘AR’ in ‘AR-15’ stands for ‘assault rifle’. Granted, if people understand what AR really means then gun-grabbers will have a far harder time convincing the country we need an ‘assault weapons ban’ … which is probably why so many of them lost their minds when James shared this PSA.

Not rocket science, folks.

Not controversial in the least.

Just a fact.

But that didn’t stop Vox’s Aaron Rupar from getting his britches all sorts of bunched up.

Sharing information is silly and pendantic?

Gotta love ‘journalism’ these days.

How dare James provide facts while Vox’s Aaron Rupar is trying to virtue signal!

Imagine being this unhinged over an expert sharing information that could actually inform people.

Then again … it is Vox.


Hurr DURR.


Just not about what the gun actually is and stuff.

Those inconvenient facts!

Seriously, look at these people:

And that’s the problem.

Nobody cares about FACTS when it comes to guns.

Which is why it’s hard to take any of them the least bit seriously in this debate.

Not when a group’s main goal is pushing their narrative and agenda only.


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