Seth Abramson has written several books about Trump colluding with Russia so you can only imagine how badly Mueller’s report wrecked not only his reputation but perhaps even those precious book sales. Which is probably why he’s so desperate to keep the Russia collusion dream ALIVE.

You can tell he really means business because he used a LOT of emojis which makes his tweets look way more important and stuff.


Wait, sorry.

America still needs answers and stuff.

Remember when Mueller was going to save the day?

Look out Trump! Mueller is coming for you!



Someone is seriously worried about becoming irrelevant.

Seth really needs to let this go. It’s over and no amount of pretty, colorful emojis is going to change that. Maybe he needs a hobby, we hear needlepoint is a good stress-reliever.

But does he have any sevens?

Went on for years and cost us millions … but Seth says we still need answers.

But those weren’t the answers Seth WANTED!


At least Seth didn’t write hundreds and hundreds of tweets this time.



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