Helpful hint, folks. If you ever tweet something as fake (and stupid) as this English professor did about Olive Garden in an attempt to create another rage mob and boycott JUST APOLOGIZE when you get found out.

Don’t play the, ‘SOMEONE HACKED MY ACCOUNT’ card because nobody will believe you and worse yet, they’ll likely make fun of you.

She’s being threatened by MAGAS on here … oh the humanity! C’mon, she’s the real victim here folks, not the people whose jobs could have been impacted because she got a bee in her bonnet to play #Resist on Twitter.

Attacked by MAGAS sounds like a horror movie that’s so awful it’s awesome.

Oooh, MAGAS are not going to win here. She will not be shut down because people find her dangerous, even though she was hacked. OH WAIT, she is saying a MAGA was so intimidated by her that they hacked her account … RIGHT.


Does she really think anyone believes this? Especially when she also tweeted this:

So did the MAGA hacker write this tweet as well?


Twitter is FOREVER.

Boy, she is really spinning.

She’s waiting for Jack to exonerate her.

We can’t make this sort of crazy up.

Guess getting called out by Olive Garden themselves provided her a much-needed wakeup call.

Or you know, the hacker.

Whoa, you guys think it was the same time-traveling hackers who went back in time and wrote all that homophobic and anti-Semitic stuff on Joy Reid’s blog? Hrm.

THERE ya’ go.

The real lesson here, folks, is don’t be so unhinged over politics that you tweet something this stupid.

This ain’t rocket science.


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