As Twitchy readers know, Rashida Tlaib and the Left made a very big deal about her only wanting to visit her 90-year-old grandma (and pick figs!) when Israel banned her and Ilhan Omar from entering because of their support for BDS.

Welp, Israel decided Tlaib could go ahead and enter to visit her grandmother …

And magically she has turned them down.

Yeah, she’s awful, but you knew that.

Anyway, the Israeli interior minister called her out on Twitter in a big way and it’s glorious:

It reads:


Not a great look, Rashida.

Not a great look, Democrats.

But go ahead, keep blaming Trump, that’s worked out so well for all of you.

Pretty awful.

Truth is she never had any intention of going, it was all about trying to make Israel an evil villain keeping her from seeing her possibly dying, grandmother.

And she overplayed her hand, badly.


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