Poor Rashida Tlaib.

All she wanted to do was visit her granny and pick figs with her.

*sniff sniff*

Couldn’t tell her.

Poor, sad, Rashida.

But wait … Israel decided to let her in.

So she’s psyched about going to pick figs with her grandma now, right?


Oh, so she’s decided not to visit granny and pick figs because if she did it would mean she’s not fighting racism, oppression and injustice.

Or something.

Holy Hell, could this woman be any more awful?

You know what, don’t answer that.

She’s definitely an entitled brat.




Included mainly for that picture.

YIKES, right?

Wasn’t that Ted Lieu’s big gripe with the U.S. Ambassador to Israel? Hrm.

Is this real life?


Helpful! 🙂

Yeah, sweetie.


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