Ooh, Ilhan Omar used fancy green checkmarks in her tweet about Medicare For All so that must mean she’s being honest and totally knows what she’s talking about.


It’s like these new brand of Democrats are clueless about what Medicare actually looks like in the real world:

Everything is FREE! Except for the ridiculous amount of taxes Americans will have to pay for all of this free crap.

Sorry, but ain’t nobody buyin’ what Ilhan is sellin’.

Or a dentist.

But hey, it would be free if you could actually get in and see someone … or something.

True story.

Under Medicare For All, Americans would become nothing more than a case number. If people really want to know what government-sponsored healthcare looks like all they really need to do is check out the VA.

And no thanks.

HA! That’s a good one.

Considering owning a firearm is actually a right …

And that’s the thing, even a large faction of Democrats aren’t interested in Medicare For All. But go ahead, Ilhan, keep pushing it … see how that works out for your party next year.

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