Maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez missed it (who knows, she could have been staring at her magical garbage disposal), protesters were outside Mitch McConnell’s home last night threatening his life. Oh, we get it, she’s very upset that a bunch of guys was making fun of her cardboard cutout (who knew there were such things out there) but Mitch was a little preoccupied and likely didn’t have time to worry about her feeling oppressed over a photo.

Was it in the best taste? Probably not.

Is it really that big of a deal? Probably not.

And seriously, she has a lot of nerve whining about culture when her own party has been calling Mitch all sorts of horrible things and even inspiring protesters to hope ‘someone cuts his heart out’. That was just one of the many sweet things they were saying outside his home last night.

But you know, THAT CARDBOARD CUTOUT is super skeery!

Just guys messing around, right?

Gonna guess Mitch had other priorities.

But you know, it only matters when the Right does these things.

Alert the EFF BEE EYE!

And these idjits wonder why we make fun of them.

But it’s different when they do it!

Or something.


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