Don Lemon couldn’t call President Trump a racist ENOUGH over his two nights moderating CNN’s Democratic Debates. Gosh, do you think he had an agenda? A bias? *eye roll*


From Newsbusters:

Don Lemon did it again. On the second night of CNN’s Democratic debate, the CNN Tonight host pushed the candidates on the stage to attack President Trump’s “racist rhetoric” and “racist tweets attacking Baltimore.”

Over the course of two nights Lemon, in his role as moderator, used his questions to pontificate on Trump’s “racism” – as if the Democratic candidates wouldn’t have done that anyway.

On the second night of the debate Lemon asked Senator Michael Bennet “Why are you the best candidate to heal the racial divide that exists in this country today, which has been stoked by the President’s racist rhetoric?” 

Could he have been any more blatant? Wow.

It’s just obnoxious.

And Lawrence O’Donnell wondered why Trump called Don Lemon the dumbest man on the planet. Who could blame him when watching this sort of deliberately nasty rhetoric being peppered throughout debate questions?



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