Boy oh boy, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats sure are working hard to sell everyone on how they want to secure our elections. We suppose we’d be more open to their efforts if they actually supported the most basic and easiest step of securing our elections and that is Voter ID.

The moment you bring up Voter ID with a Democrat you get screeched at about how it’s … wait for it … RACIST.

Look at this.

He’s blocking it because it’s not really about securing our elections but federalizing them, Chuck.

Tell the whole story.

Nailed it.

Seeing a theme here, Chuck.

Would appear the Right is fine with securing elections as long as it really addresses the issue and Voter ID would go a loooooong way in doing just that. But we all know Democrats will fight against Voter ID so the notion that they in any way truly care about securing elections is false.



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