Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … sigh.

Yup, here we are again, folks.

We know, it’s like watching ‘Jackass’ episodes over and over and over again. You think to yourself, ‘No WAY they’re dumb enough to do that’ and yet …

AOC is officially the Steve-O of Twitter. Heh.

Apparently, this time around she was trying to prove her agenda is not ‘radical, extreme-left’ by making a list of the things in her agenda and well:

The first thing she lists is Medicare for All which is pretty damn radical and definitely extreme-Left. Living wage and labor rights?

And WTF is ‘not hurting immigrants’?

New York … seriously with this crap. Knock it off.

Government doesn’t ‘create’ anything, Alexandria, so for it to give away all of these things you don’t think are radical it must first take them away from someone else.

America will never be a socialist country.


Ding ding ding.

And there’s her REAL agenda.


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