Earlier today, when we wrote about the REAL Sean Spicer zinging Eric Swalwell about the very likely possibility that he is dropping out of the race we felt almost guilty for covering the real deal. Ok, not really, but it cracked us up on many levels and reminded us to go and check @sean_spicier’s timeline and boy howdy, are we glad we did.

Yeah, Spicer hit Swalwell pretty good but there is well and truly only one Spicier …


They seem to say this a lot but it’s clear they didn’t think much of ‘Sean’ in the first place. It’s hard to be shamed by people who never really liked you anyway.


Hrm, could TDS be a DNA thing?

They are still so hung up on SIZE … which we think says more about them than Spicier but we digress.


What a lovely singing voice they must have.

Whoa boy.



Translation: He doesn’t really have an argument.

People accusing a parody of drinking.

Gotta love it.

Yes, Antifa members are committing hate crimes.


Well she (he/zhe/they/them/it) sure told him!


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