As Twitchy reported on Sunday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw a mini temper tantrum after Nancy Pelosi threw a whole lot of shade at her ‘squad’. Clearly, Nancy is getting tired of the Twitter drama and antics these four freshmen reps seem to thrive on …

See? AOC was definitely cranky with the House Speaker.

And then her ‘sis’ Ilhan Omar added to the ‘clapback’.

Look at Ilhan, backing up her bae.

They really think they’re the most powerful members in the House.

Nancy Pelosi has got a real mess on her hands.

Have fun with that, Nan.

Which is probably why Nancy is trying to get them to chill TF out.

Luckily they’re not listening … heh.

It has been entertaining and HELLO, job security for Twitchy editors.


He really should send them each a ‘thank you’ card after the election.

Sam Winchester. *sigh* Soooo dreamy.

Sorry, got distracted.


That could well be their new ‘title,’ although it’s sorta clunky for a t-shirt.


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