Maxine Waters has been screeching to impeach Trump for months (years) now, so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised about what she thinks is impeachment-worthy but well … this is nutty, even for her.

Soooo, she wants Trump impeached for golfing? Disregarding the national debt? If those things alone are worth impeaching a president Obama should have been impeached several times over.


Hey now, we’re not supposed to question when Democrats waste our money.

Well, of course, she wasn’t. When Obama was trying to bankrupt this country it was for our own good, silly head.

Dude, Trump has been GOLFING! That’s a big no-no according to the Constitution, it says so right next to free healthcare and free college.


Beats us?

In case you were wondering what the craziest response to Maxine’s tweet was … here ya’ go:

You know that face you make when you read or hear something SO INSANE you’re not sure if you actually read or heard it so you read and listen again and OMG you really did read and or hear it? Just made that face.


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