Full transparency, we don’t know a whole lot about Bishop Talbert Swan except that he’s a ‘pastor’ and Twitter saw fit to give him a shiny, pretty, blue checkmark. And after reading through his timeline we’re not shocked that Jack would ‘verify’ this guy.

He’s a real charmer.

Don’t take our word for it.

So Swan believes Jesus was a black man.

Hey, to each his own.

But the way he attacked people who disagreed with him and honestly white people, in general, seems well … not very pastor-like.

Chad Felix Greene called him out:

Chad was responding to Jake Tapper who voiced concerns about Louis Farrakhan’s tweets being left on Twitter while others are being locked and even suspended for far less.

Swan responded.

Sure, lots of pastors use the word, ‘butthurt’. That’s totally legit.

And sorry but we didn’t see Chad say anything about getting Swan’s account suspended.

If there is a bigot in this back and forth it isn’t Chad.

Just sayin’.

Seems Chad and Swan have been ‘debating’ for a few days now:


See? The blue checkmark makes sense now.


Is that a thing now?

And from earlier this year:


A pastor spreading hate and division.

Welcome to 2019, folks.


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