After spending two weeks calling detention centers along the southern border ‘concentration camps’ and making an absolute fool of herself during an actual border visit where she was caught stretching the truth (aka lying), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came up with a thread of policy approaches.

And yeah …

So AOC wants to talk policy NOW? Yeah, ok. NOT.

Notice how her first idea out of the gate is spending American tax dollars in foreign countries. Would someone remind her we have Americans going without in this country who could use that help and support first?

Just sayin’.

Climate change.


It’s a crime to enter this country illegally.

Sorry, not sorry.



She’s truly a one trick pony.

Notice she and other Democrats continue to deliberately conflate legal and illegal immigrants …

All. Day. That. ^

Right?! Why is it America’s responsibility to take care of other countries?

She seems to have forgotten she is supposed to work for her district.

Perhaps when they vote her out next year she’ll remember then.


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