Justin Amash came out very publicly on Saturday in tweets basically calling for Trump to be impeached. Amash was the first Republican in the House to make such a statement and as you can imagine (or if you’re on Twitter you witnessed it), the Right was NOT happy with the representative from Michigan.

This morning, Mitt Romney quite frankly shocked this editor and disagreed with Amash; admit it, you thought he’d pull a Jeff Flake as well, right?


Mitt was so polite and still managed to disagree with Amash.

We need more of this in politics.

Yeah, we know, how boring but still.

And of course, the Left couldn’t deal with Mitt’s conclusion:

Never try to appease alligators aka the Left because you hope they will eat you last – they will eventually get around to tearing you apart. It’s their way.


He was so spineless he ran for president.

These people.


And if Romney had agreed with Amash these same people would be calling him a hero and shaming Republicans for being angry with him.

They really are so predictable.


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