It is just our imagination or does it seem like these ex-intelligence types seem a little worried about Barr and John Durham? Look at how quickly ex-top FBI lawyer James Baker is all but throwing James Comey under the bus.

‘We took it seriously but not necessarily literally.’

Umm … what now?

Because it certainly seems like you yahoos took the stupid thing literally.

The rats never thought they’d get caught.

And speaking of rats …

From Fox News:

Former FBI general counsel James Baker said this week that he and other officials were “quite worried” that former FBI Director James Comey appeared to be blackmailing then President-elect Trump during a 2017 meeting regarding salacious allegations found in the Steele dossier.

On the latest episode of the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery” broadcast on Tuesday, Baker said he and others were so concerned about Comey briefing Trump on January 6, 2017 on Russia’s interference in the election as well as the controversial dossier that “analogies” were made to J. Edgar Hoover, the former FBI director who famously abused his power to blackmail individuals.

“We were quite worried about the Hoover analogies, and we were determined not to have such a disaster happen on our watch,” Baker said, hoping to convey to the incoming president that they did not want to continue the “legacy” of Hoover’s blackmailing.

Getting compared to Hoover is NOT a good thing, just sayin’.

And we imagine as Durham’s investigation proceeds we’re going to see a lot more of these ‘admissions’ from peeps like Baker looking to cover their own backsides.



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