Seems Ted Cruz has noticed yet another bias in the magical Twittersphere.

Wait, what? NO WAY. Twitter is usually so good about posting objective, unbiased, and fair tweets in their ‘moments’ … we’re totally and completely shocked they’re being biased here.


Oh, wow, this editor may have actually ruptured something writing that.

Ted, meet Twitter.

Twitter, meet Ted.

Jack can claim otherwise all he wants but c’mon.

They’re not exactly subtle about who they suggest people follow either. For example, this editor is clearly Conservative and yet on more than one occasion, Twitter has suggested she follow Hillary Clinton.

For real?

We’re not sure Jack really ‘cares’ about much these days to be honest, but fair point.

And look, Patricia Arquette chimed in … to babble about Russia for some reason.


What on Earth does that have to do with Ted’s tweet to Jack about the crazy in the Space Force Twitter Moment? Ted is pointing out another bias on one of the most powerful social media sites in the world and Patricia is ranting at him about Russia … at 6 in the morning.

Suppose we should just be grateful she wasn’t talking about vaginas like her sister a few days ago.

And to think, this site is still free.

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