Linda Sarsour’s disingenuous attempt at playing confused about people who are pro-life who also support the death penalty was such a desperate cry for attention. Forget that there are plenty of pro-life people who absolutely do not support the death penalty, but comparing an unborn child to a convicted felon who committed a crime vile enough to deserve the death penalty?

Anti-Semite, PLEASE.

You know that face you make when you smell something bad in the refrigerator but you’re not sure what it is? Just made that face.


Dana Loesch was good enough to help with Linda’s ‘confusion’:


It’s almost like Linda was just virtue-signaling or something.

OH WAIT, she was.

Impressively so.

She failed SO HARD.

Confusing ain’t it?

This went well, Linda.

Way to make people think. Heh.


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