One of the hazards of being a Twitchy editor is the number of weird, even creepy, tweets we come across while scouring the Twitterverse looking for something worthwhile to write about. There’s a reason this editor’s right eye ‘twitches’ a lot … and no, that’s not why we’re called Twitchy.

Leave the jokes to us, smarties.


ANYWHO, speaking of tweets that make your eye twitch or give you serious pause, this Eric Swalwell tweet is a doozy.

Raise your hand if the idea of Eric Swalwell eating peanut butter, in general, makes you do an all over body cringe, let alone him eating at night and thinking to tweet about it.



All we’re asking for is common sense fat control.


Makes him super relatable and stuff, right?

Remember when Eric said to give him a dollar instead of buying a bag of chips?

Silly man.

Ba dum bum, tsss.

If Eric is going for the strangest 2020 Dem candidate he’s well on his way. Look out Beto!


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