Tariq Nasheed was so triggered by a video made for TODDLERS that he recorded himself reacting to the video and posted it on Twitter.

And then claimed there was an agenda behind the video … of a bunch of babies taking a bath.


Yes. The agenda is that parents love their children and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and sexual persuasions.

THE NERVE of the people making this video for toddlers!


Yashar Ali had ENOUGH.

Yashar noticed the ‘smh’ like we did.

Now we’re ALL shaking our heads!

But tell us how you really feel, Adam.

It’s interesting how Conservative accounts are being locked for saying someone is ‘dumb’ or using the flower ‘pansy’ in a tweet, but someone like Tariq who does nothing but hate on people, even protected groups, has a pretty blue checkmark and has not been suspended.


Umm …


Tariq really is just a high-level troll at this point and by high-level we mean Twitter protected.

Sorry, not sorry.


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