Seems Rep. Rashida Tlaib wants to give Ilhan Omar a run for her money when it comes to who can say the dumbest, most anti-Semitic things in this junior class of House Representatives. Tlaib claimed Palestinians tried to create a ‘safe haven’ for Jews who survived the Holocaust and that this ‘fact’ gave her a calming feeling.

You never, ever want to claim anything about or around the Holocaust gives you a ‘calming feeling.’

Holy wow.

Welp, instead of apologizing for her comments, Tlaib was quick to play the victim card and claimed people who were ‘trying to silence her’ were doing so to push their racist, hateful agenda. Hey, don’t look at us, we just work here.

Policing her words? Alrighty then.

If the truth ‘will always win,’ Tlaib should go ahead and resign considering her own father has accused her of lying about her residence to win an election.

But you know, she’s the victim here.

If only people would stop holding her accountable for the anti-Semitic things she says!

She’s played the victim when saying stupid things before? GET outta here! We’re shocked.

Ain’t THAT the truth?

We here at Twitchy know this probably better than anyone else. Can’t tell you the number of times a Democrat has been angry at us for using THEIR OWN WORDS.

Sums it up nicely.


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