We’re still scratching our heads about what exactly Alyssa Milano and a few feminists think a #SexStrike will accomplish in the grand scheme of things in Georgia. They don’t live in Georgia, the bill is really none of their business and to be honest, abstinence is a good thing to a group of people pushing for regulations around abortion.

So it’s really just a hot mess of hilarious.

Take for example this thread from Kate Kelly about how rad it is to go on a #SexStrike.

Cis men?

That is SO 2015.

Abstinence is just that, abstinence. That includes women, Kate.

So in other words, women have a long, long history of treating sex as a commodity?

We thought feminists opposed treating women this way.


Using sex as a weapon.

This just gets worse and worse.


Hard pass.


Gosh, we’re not seeing very many so-called ‘cis men’ concerned about the #SexStrike.



Sums it up nicely, doncha think?


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