You know James Comey figured he would have a ‘safe space’ if Anderson Cooper hosted his ‘CNN Town Hall,’ even with the bombshell that dropped yesterday about how the FBI knew 10 DAYS BEFORE the FISA application that Steele’s story was false.

Can’t make this crap up. THIS IS REAL LIFE.

And to be fair, Cooper probably could’ve been a lot tougher on Comey than he was BUT even HE didn’t buy everything Comey was selling.

Byron York actually pointed this out and gave Cooper props.

Left out key fact until Cooper reminded him.

How convenient and slimy.

Shameless Comey is shameless.

Dude, RIGHT?!

In real time.

Good point.

OMG isn’t that the saddest truth of all?

We’re so shocked someone on CNN didn’t push a biased talking point that we’re even writing about it.

Well, now this editor is just depressed. Thanks a lot, man.

It’s a tie?


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