As the Resistance tries desperately to keep the Russian collusion narrative alive with lame-AF hashtags on Twitter, seriously big things are happening around the FBI and their Steele story. Nick Short breaks it all down way better than we can …

From The Hill:

Steele eventually was fired by the FBI for leaking to the press — in violation of his source agreement with the bureau — and lying about it. But that did not happen until Nov. 1, 2016 — after the FISA warrant was secured. And, even then, the court wasn’t notified until a few months later, well after Election Day.

Steele’s admission of media contacts on Oct. 11, 2016, and the mere existence of his meeting at the State Department likewise violated his confidentiality agreement with the bureau and clearly were discoverable well before the FISA warrant was secured Oct. 21, 2016.

If the State Department and Ohr could figure out that Steele was a partisan, paid by a political client and facing an Election Day deadline to broadcast raw intelligence that in some cases probably was false, the FBI should have done the same before it ever envisioned taking his evidence to a FISA court.

Holy crap.

Double holy crap.

So much holy crap.



No wonder we’re seeing so much panic from the Left.


Bad stuff.

This is gonna be interesting, folks.


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