Ted Cruz has had enough of this Russia investigation crap.

And we absolutely agree with the good senator from Texas.

Give ’em Hell, Ted. Yes, Americans are tired of all of this.

Sorry, not sorry.

And as usual, our lovely friends in the Resistance lost their sh*t over Ted’s tweet; honestly, the only person who seems to trigger them more is Trump himself.

Seriously. Look at this hot mess of people:

So mad.

Even as news around the Steele story falling apart is breaking these yahoos are still babbling about Russia.

And honor? HA.

It would be adorable if it wasn’t so annoying.

They’ve found jack and squat, they just want to keep this going because they don’t have much else to run on at this point. Wasting the past two years on a hoax has truly put them at a disadvantage for 2020 so now they’re doubling down trying to make it work.

And it ain’t workin’.

Because Eric says so.


It’s always Fox News.

Maybe this is some sort of new political Tourettes?

You know she’s fun at birthday parties.

Yes, you are all trying to gaslight Ted.

So surely if she cares about safeguarding our elections she supports Voter ID, right?

You know what? WE can’t even.


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