If you’re anything like this editor, keeping up with all of the investigations and what did and didn’t happen is starting to feel a little bit like herding cats. All over the place and a little insane. Luckily, Tweeps like Sean Davis are good about keeping it simple … and infuriating.

Take for example how he laid out the many lies around the Russian hoax in one tweet.

It sounds more and more like the Obama administration has a lot to answer for.

Which means the press will take next to zero interest in asking them any questions.

Look at this …

She’s not unique in being defensive of this entire narrative because ORANGE MAN  BAD.

Like how much did Obama know and when did he know it?

That. ^

They’re terrified.

And they should be.

Silly! Those emails were just about yoga and recipes and stuff.

Hillary said so.


Bite your tongue!


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