Democrats elect horrible, terrible people.

Sorry, not sorry.

The comments from this Democratic State Rep out of Alabama are some of the vilest and most disgusting this editor has had the unfortunate ‘privilege’ to hear.

Granted, it’s sort of hard to understand what exactly he’s saying but when you really listen to his reasoning for why abortion should be kept legal it’s beyond repugnant. ‘Kill them now or kill them later,’ he says.

This is why we have issues with violence in this country. It’s not the guns, it’s the complete lack of respect for life itself.

And surely since the comments are THIS awful, the media is covering them, right?



Conservatives POUNCE on Alabama state Dem’s abortion comments.



You’d think they’d at least come up with some sort of new verb like ‘seize’ or ‘ambush.’

What a freakin’ joke.


They are absolutely consistent.

Sad, annoying, predictable, and yet very consistent.


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