It takes an awful lot of stupid to pretend the Constitution of the United States somehow discriminates against women since the word ‘woman’ is not written into the document. Forget that ‘people’ includes both men and women, no no, they want to pretend women are somehow not people and need some sort of special recognition in order to be truly equal.

Like we said, stupid.

No wonder it’s one of Alyssa Milano’s main ‘agenda’ items.

If you are a man who buys into this ridiculous nonsense please retweet …

Like this yahoo.

Ok, so WE KNOW the phrase ‘no-brainer’ is pretty common and it means something is so obvious you don’t even have to think about it BUT seeing the words next to his name regarding her tweet … EL OH EL.

If anyone knows about having ‘no brain’ it’s Eric.

And Alyssa.

Told ya’.

And to think, this website is still free.


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