Chris Cuomo interviewing Paul Begala and Ana Navarro at the same time … we’d ask, ‘What was he thinking,’ but eh, it’s CNN. We’re even willing to bet he pretended his interview was ‘balanced’ since Ana is some sort of make-believe Conservative.

The look on Chris’ face though, when Begala starts ranting about what he’s willing to do and or excuse to beat Trump?



Don’t look at us, Chris, you brought him on.

JFK Democrat? HUH?

And dude, the dog thing? Unhinged, bro. So unhinged.

He did.

We feel sorry for his dog.


The look on Ana’s face is well, just Ana. We’re not sure she actually has any sort of expression other than, ‘smug, angry, trying to pretend she’s not actually a Democrat.’

And we’re pretty sure JFK wouldn’t have shot someone’s dog just to win an election.

—- UPDATE —-

Meet Begala’s pup, Gus. He swears he was only kidding!


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