One for all and all for one! At least that’s what this tweet and story from Brian Stelter seem to convey since it appears he’s running cover for the New York Times staffers after the leftist rag published an anti-Semitic cartoon last week.

Don’t worry guys, the NYT staffers were alarmed and dismayed so don’t be mad at them about the awful, anti-Semitic cartoon and stuff!

From CNN:

According to sources at the newspaper, who spoke on condition of anonymity, staffers were alarmed to see that the image was published — and dismayed that the initial editor’s note was so feeble. They wanted a more detailed explanation.

Anonymous sources. Sure.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the Times issued a statement saying “we are deeply sorry” for the cartoon, and “we are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again.”

Except it was more than just one cartoon, tater.

Should we tell him?

Maybe someone should get Brian a copy of the NYT from this weekend instead.

The took down one anti-Semitic cartoon just to publish another.

First-time shame on them, second-time shame on you, Bri.

And then they put another one up.

Might need to eat his Wheaties for this one.


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