Man, yahoos in the media sure are working hard to keep the Russian collusion ‘Trump is going to be impeached and go to jail’ narrative going. We haven’t seen quite this much spinning since Hillary forgot Wisconsin existed and she lost the election.

Because, you know, it was RUSSIANS.

Anywho, Jeffrey Toobin has gone so far as to interview known-liar Michael Cohen to try dunking on Trump …

From The New Yorker:

And Cohen had another problem. Prosecutors had discovered that, between 2012 and 2016, he had understated his income by more than four million dollars, thus avoiding $1.4 million in federal taxes during those five years. Worse yet, the tax returns had also been signed by his wife, potentially exposing her to prosecution as well. Petrillo tried to dissuade the prosecutors from filing charges, pointing out that Cohen had made no effort to hide this income—there were no foreign bank accounts or cash transactions. Cohen asserted that he had provided accurate information to his accountant, and that the error was his. (The government disputed this.) Petrillo pointed to other cases with even larger tax deficiencies than $1.4 million over five years in which the government decided to proceed civilly rather than criminally. But the prosecutors were unmoved.

Toobin really plays this part of his lengthy and incredibly boring article down. And considering the reason Cohen received a ‘substantial’ sentence was evading taxes you’d think this part of the story would be a little more important. Unless of course, he was trying to frame his story in a way that would somehow make Trump look like he was getting away with something Cohen could not.

Ben Shapiro nailed it.

Nope. You don’t go to jail for having sex with a porn star but you can go to jail if you evade paying your taxes.

It’s all part of the effort to pretend that since Cohen is going to jail so should Trump.

But …

Ben didn’t miss a beat. Heh.

True story.


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