Thinking Ilhan Omar might want to sit this one out … not like we’re experts or anything but gosh, her self-awareness has to be absolute zero if she thought this tweet was a good idea. Especially coming from her.

Ilhan just can’t help herself. Seriously.

And we thought AOC’s tweet was bad.


As you might’ve guessed, people were less than impressed with the junior representative’s tweet …

Yikes. Someone might want to get her a little aloe after this one.

Yeah, that little dig at Trump at the end of her tweet really just pushed it over the edge of awful. Now watch, she’ll complain that people are inciting violence against her for disagreeing and/or disliking her tweet.

Oh, we understand. Like other Democrats, she was more concerned with dunking on Trump over this tragedy than she was in sending her support to this community. Never let a crisis go to waste, ya’ know.

At best.

Ilhan accuses Twitchy of inciting violence against her for covering her tweet in 3 … 2 … 1


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