In case you were looking for the worst, most hateful, vile, disgusting take you can find on Twitter about the Poway Synagogue shooting that took place on the last day of Passover, look no further than this thread from neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, Brian Beutler.

Actually, neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie may be too kind for Mr. Beutler.

We’re pretty sure he’s just an a-hole.

Take a look a this.


Told you this was awful.


Go home, Brian, you’re drunk.

You can imagine how ‘well’ this went over with Republicans and Conservatives.

If only that were the problem here.

Putting it nicely.

How long ya’ got?

But that’s all people like Brian have.

Cheap points.

Yeah, buddy.

That’s putting it nicely.


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