At first glance, we thought this Jay Rosen person was Max Boot not only because of his absolutely ridiculous and slightly infuriating take on Trump and the Constitution but … he sorta looks like Boot without a hat, right?

Hey, if you guys spent as much time as we do reading tweets you’d lose your minds a little too.

Anywho, Jay’s tweet and take are serious humdingers.

Trump and the outdated Constitution are threats to our liberal democracy.


From NY Mag:

Simply put, there is no way to reconcile Mueller’s findings with the idea that Congress should allow Donald Trump to continue being president. The most generous possible interpretation of the report is that our president is so pathologically narcissistic, he repeatedly undermined investigations into Russian election interference — even though they posed no legal threat to him — because anything that drew attention to the Kremlin’s influence campaign took some of the shine off his 2016 triumph. There is no credible argument for allowing a man who cares more about avoiding narcissistic injury than honoring the independence of federal law enforcement — or protecting the integrity of U.S. elections — to retain the powers of the presidency.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.


Which is why we have the Constitution in the first place.

We see what this person did here.

Give it a rest already. True story.


We feel like there’s a really good ‘Your mom’ joke here somewhere.

Annnd now we’re dead.


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