Whoa boy. Here we go again.

Seems our friendly neighborhood Parker Molloy is angry at The Federalist once again, this time over a piece written by gay Conservative, Brad Polumbo. Brad had the nerve to write about how he would not be attending the ‘LGBT’ grad ceremony because merely having a different sexual orientation shouldn’t segregate him from his class.

He said it a whole lot better than we can …

Someone get Parker a Snickers bar, seriously.

Surely the irony is lost on her that she works for Media Matters and has zero business talking about how anyone else’s site is the ‘dumbest f-ing website on the planet.’

Chad Felix Greene, another writer for The Federalist who also just so happens to be a gay Conservative chimed in:


But that didn’t stop Parker from throwing a mini-tantrum on her timeline that few people can actually see since she has blocked most of Twitter.

Imagine ranting on Twitter about an article on a website you think is the dumbest f-ing website on the planet.

So much virtue-signaling here.

One of the most ironic things we have perhaps ever seen on Twitter, right here.

She says while she’s clearly offended by everything.


Yeah, like dude.

No, but she had a meltdown on Twitter over someone else writing a piece about their graduation ceremony.



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