Chelsea Handler thinks Joe Biden apologizing for inappropriate touching was a silly thing.

Alrighty then.

From The Hill:

Comedian Chelsea Handler told Hill.TV this week that the allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden by Lucy Flores seem like a “silly” thing to apologize for, adding that the accusations should not disqualify him from entering the 2020 race.

“That’s a really silly thing to have to apologize for,” Handler told Hill.TV’s Jamal Simmons during an interview that aired Tuesday.

“I understand she was uncomfortable, I don’t dismiss that,” she said, referring to the former Nevada state assemblywoman.

Handler went on to say that she doesn’t like it when people compare the Flores incident to sexual assault.

“I don’t like the comparison to that, to sexual assault — it’s not, and there are real victims of sexual assault who’ve been through hell,” she said. “That diminishes real stories, so it’s a tricky time.”

What happened to that whole believing women thing?

Seems even the Left took issue with Chelsea giving ol’ Joe a pass:

Ok, we have to be completely honest here, we have no idea what this person was really saying BUT we’re pretty sure they’re not happy with Chelsea or with The Hill. Oh, and there’s something negative in there about Trump too but we’re not entirely sure where they were going so we’ll leave it at that.


Umm .. k.


Hey look, it’s the person we couldn’t understand again.

Aww, they’re a Bernie Bro.

It all makes sense now.


Yup. Et HER.


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