According to Newsweek, ‘magical legal experts’ say AG William Barr’s ties to Russia are troubling.

You knew this was coming, right?

The Left and the media (we know, we know, same difference) need someway, ANY way to pretend that the Russian collusion investigation wasn’t an incredibly expensive political hoax so NOW they’re seeing Russians EVERYWHERE.

Can’t stop won’t stop!

He probably likes Russian dressing too.

Seems awfully convenient that they can’t find a Russian connection!

Heck, Ron Pearlman has accused Twitchy of being a bunch of Russian agents.

Two baristas who dropped out of law school or something.

Maybe EVERYONE should just recuse themselves at this point and move on because holy crap, we can’t be the only ones who are sick and tired of this nonsense.


Ahem, Newskweek. ^

‘Nuff said.


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